Dear Visitor,

Welcome to our website.  We are so pleased that you are taking the time to investigate matters of health and wellness.

We all know so much about health but how can we live it in practical, day-to-day terms?  

We are told that ‘the body, with the mind and its central nervous system, is the only medium through which God can communicate with human beings' (MH 130).  Since we are living on the borders of the kingdom, we would surely want to have clear communication lines with God.  This is in fact why our health message exists –not merely to have healthy bodies but to get closer to Jesus.

The SDA Encyclopedia, p. 574 confirms this idea by saying: “A clear mind enables us to understand God’s will; a strong body enables us to do it.” 

As we launch this website, we hope that you, our reader will be inspired by its contents to become the best you can be for God, and to allow your body to be the Holy Spirit’s dwelling place.

Warm Regards

 Connie Penniken

Northern Conference Health Director

Health - Joy - Energy